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Good Samaritans

The Good Samaritans of St. John Neumann Parish are a group of volunteers who are available to assist those who, because of their unique situation, are in need of additional aid and support beyond what their family, friends, county and public transportation can provide. Most requests are for rides to and from Mass on Saturday, Sunday and Holy Days and to the doctor's office. As a volunteer you will be assigned one or two clients and be responsible for meeting their needs.
Your service would go no farther than Cape May Court House and on a day chosen to be convenient for you. Your client would arrange their appointments for that day. If you are unable to help your client all you have to do is call another Good Samaritan to fill the request. Once or twice a year you will be "Captain of the Week". This merely means you will accept calls from new clients and explain the qualifications. You will then pass on their information to the President who will assign a Good Samaritan volunteer to aid them. We strive to help everyone in need while maintaining the guideline that we are not a substitute for family, friends, county or public transportation (i.e. busses or taxis). Your sacrifice of time, car and gas is appreciated by every client. Please call Gary Tashjian (610)513-8748 for more information.


St. John of God Church:
Weekend Mass: Sat. 4PM & Sun. 10AM
Daily Mass: 9 AM.
Holy Day: 9 AM.
Saturday 2:30-3:30 PM.
Wednesday: Prior to 9 AM Mass
Thursday: Following 9 AM Mass

Stations of the Cross:
Fridays of Lent, 8:20 AM
(typically: Viewing 10 AM,
Mass 11 AM, burial to follow
Baptisms after Sunday Mass
Weddings by arrangement

St. Raymond Church:
Weekend Mass:
Saturday 6 P.M. (Summer)
Sunday, 8 A.M., Noon, 7 PM Spanish
First Saturday of the Month: Mass 9:00 A.M.
Exposition following Mass
Confessions 9:30-10:30 A.M.
Benediction 10:30 A.M.
Holy Day: 7 P.M.
Stations of the Cross:
Fridays of Lent, 7 P.M.
Funerals upon request of the family
(typically: Viewing 10 A.M., Mass 11 A.M., burial to follow)
Baptisms and Weddings
by arrangement

Corpus Christi Mass and Procession